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Woking Youth Council

The Constitution for the Youth Council


These Guidelines set out the rules and regulations within which the Council operates, how decisions are made and the procedures which are followed to ensure that these are efficient, transparent and accountable.

  1. Name

1.1 The name of the group shall be: Woking Youth Council (WYC).

  2. Goals

2.1 WYC seeks:

  • To inform Woking Borough Council about young people's views to help the Council in its decision-making;

  • To work on projects to meet identified needs in Woking;

  • To involve young people in the community; and

  • To help develop the citizenship skills of young people, e.g. education about their rights, responsibilities and issues that might affect them.

 3. Powers

3.1 The elected Youth Council will:

  • Decide on which issues to cover and how to tackle these issues.

  • Involve, train, supervise and support individuals newly elected to the Youth Council.

  • Raise and responsibly use funds to pursue the group's goals above.

  • Form sub groups when needed. Each sub-group will produce a brief working agreement (using a standard form) and will report back to the full Youth Council.

  • Follow policies and regulations relating to organisations providing funding and/or support, without compromising our own Values.

  • Regularly monitor the Youth Council, including the production of an annual report, to be presented at the AGM and to other interested parties.

  • Record the activities of the Youth Council through minutes and assessment forms for financial purposes.

  • Produce posters/leaflets etc. that promote the activities and goals of the Youth Council.

  • Meet and work with groups and agencies on issues that affect young people.

  • Invite adults to sit in on the Youth Council, to provide information that may be of use to the young people.

  • Invite one Elected Member from Woking Borough Council and one Elected Member from Surrey County Council (representing the local Woking Committee) to sit on the Youth Council as observers, with no voting rights. Where it is not possible for the Elected Member to attend a particular meeting then a Deputy can attend in their place.

  4. Requirements for Membership

    1. The Youth Council will have up to 24 elected members.

    2. All members will be aged between 11 and 19. Upon turning 19, membership of the Youth Council will end.

    3. Each member must live, work or study in Woking.

    4. If a member no longer lives, works or studies in Woking, their membership will automatically end although they will have an option to finish any current work.

    5. A member may resign from the Youth Council at any time by informing the Secretary to the Youth Council in writing, giving one month's notice.

    6. Where a vacancy arises the Youth Council may bring in a new member but this is not necessary..

  5. Council Meetings

    1. The Youth Council will usually meet no more than six times a year, including an Annual General Meeting (AGM). Further sub group meetings can be held if the Youth Council or it's Chair so wishes, giving one-month's notice.

    2. At the first meeting of the Youth Council following an AGM, the Youth Councillors must elect from it's membership a Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. The roles of Chair and Vice Chair will be undertaken on a voluntary rotational basis. The role of Secretary will be provided through Woking Borough Council, with support from the Youth Council. The role of Treasurer will be on an annual basis, although it is possible for another Youth Councillor to shadow the post to gain more experience.

    3. There must be one third of elected members present for the meetings to be valid.

    4. All members of the Council may vote on any particular issue. Where there is a tie the Chair will have the deciding vote.

    5. Full meetings of the Youth Council may be open to the public, including the Press, if the young people agree to this at the previous full Youth Council meeting.

    6. The Secretary to the Youth Council will produce minutes of meetings, with support from Woking Borough Council's Member Services. The minutes will then be produced and circulated through Woking Borough Council. At the next meeting the Chair or Vice-Chair must sign these minutes in order that it be deemed as a true record.

    7. The financial year of the Youth Council will run from 1 April to 31 March each year.

    8. A meeting missed without an apology will result in a verbal reminder. A second meeting missed without apology in advance in a 12 month period will result in a written warning. A third meeting missed without an apology in advance in a 12 month period will result in the member being required to stand down.

6.0 Equal Opportunities Statement

6.1 The Woking Youth Council recognises the benefits of celebrating diversity and is committed to pursuing equality of opportunity for all. The Youth Council will ensure that it builds fairness into all it does, and will not tolerate any forms of prejudicial discrimination. Every person involved in the work of the Woking Youth Council will be expected to do all that he or she can do to promote equality and justice and to ensure that no-one is discriminated against or treated unfavourably.

7.0 Specific Roles

7.1 The Youth Council shall (by secret vote) elect from their numbers the following role:

  • Treasurer

7.2 The Youth Council shall agree at each meeting who will be vice chair, as they will chair the following meeting as they may need to prepare for the task.

  • Chair(person)

  • Vice Chair(person)

7.3 The Youth Council may nominate someone to assist Woking Borough Council in providing agendas and minutes of the meetings.

  • Secretary

7.4 If a vacancy occurs at any other time throughout the year, the Youth Council shall elect a replacement from the young people elected as members, for the remaining period of time before an AGM.

7.5 In the absence of the Chairperson, the Vice-Chairperson will chair the meeting. In the absence of both people, the members must nominate someone from the Youth Council to chair the meeting.

  1. The appointed treasurer will maintain financial records, including a statement of accounts, to be presented at each meeting and annual accounts, which shall be assessed by someone outside the Youth Council and then presented at the AGM.

  2. If the Youth Council cannot find a Secretary and/or Treasurer from their number, they may appoint persons who are not members to fill these roles. These people shall have the right to attend meetings and speak, but not to vote.

8.0 Changes

8.1 These guidelines may only be amended by a majority decision at an AGM or an extraordinary general meeting (EGM). Changes should be suggested at the earliest opportunity available in writing and not less than 14 days prior to the date of the next AGM.

9.0 Dissolution

9.1 The Youth Council may be dissolved by a majority decision at an AGM or extraordinary general meeting called for that purpose. All assets will be dealt with in the following manner:

  • Assets provided by outside organisations should be offered back to that organisation; and

  • All remaining assets, after the payment of debts shall be donated to a group or groups having similar aims or goals as indicated by the Youth Councillors.