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NASS Woking and Weybridge

Useful Links and NASS Branches in the UK

UK www.nass.co.uk

ABERGAVENNY www.nassabergavenny.co.uk

BRIGHTON www.brighton-nass.org.uk

BRISTOL NORTH www.bristolnass.co.uk

DINGWALL www.nassdb.org.uk

EDINBURGH www.nassedinburgh.co.uk

LONDON (Hampstead & Highgate) www.bevrowe.info/

NEWPORT (GWENT) www.nassnewportsw.iccommunities.co.uk

NORWICH www.nassnorwich.co.uk

OXFORD myweb.tiscali.co.uk/nassoxford

TAUNTON www.communigate.co.uk/twc/tauntonnassgroup

WOKING + WEYBRIDGE www.windowonwoking.org.uk/nass

=== other links ===

Arthritis Research Campaign - www.arc.org.uk

ARC AS Guide Booklet www.arc.org.uk/arthinfo/patpubs/6001/6001.asp

Kick AS www.kickas.org

NASS AS Exercises www.nass.co.uk/exercises.htm

NASS Members Area www.nass.co.uk/members.htm

Crohn's Disease - www.crohns.org.uk

Crohn's Disease and Colitis - www.nacc.org.uk